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FTC Florida State Championship Teams - Email #2

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FTC Florida State Championship Teams - Email #2

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:10 am

(Please note: Schedule and other documents have been emailed to participating teams - if you have not received yours or need additional help, please contact Michael Coleman at

Hello Teams,

I look back in amazement at the energy, Gracious Professionalism, team spirit, and Coopertition that students, coaches, mentors, and families brought to our State Qualifying Tournaments this season. I can’t wait to see the top teams in Florida competing in our state championship next weekend.

This email contains topics that will help you have a successful competition day. Please read this email and all attachments thoroughly.

Topics covered in this email include:

1. Lessons Learned From State Qualifying Tournaments
2. Robot Match Procedure
3. Qualification Matches 1 Through 4
4. Qualification Matches Immediately After Lunch
5. Lunch
6. Tournament Schedule
7. Detailed Team Schedule With Helpful Hints
8. Friday Evening
9. Security
10. Safety
11. Site Layout
12. Pit Layout and Practice Field
13. FIRST Consent and Release Form
14. USF Campus Map
15. Parking

- Tournament Schedule
- Detailed Team Schedule
- Venue Site Layout
- Pit Area Site Layout
- Gym Site Layout
- USF Campus Map
- FIRST Consent And Release Form

1. Lessons Learned From State Qualifying Tournaments

I would like to share a few lessons teams learned at this year’s tournaments so that everyone can benefit:

- Complete a robot self-inspection prior to attending the tournament. Robot Inspectors have fifteen or fewer minutes to conduct a thorough inspection of a complex piece of hardware. It is inevitable that some violations may be missed at one tournament and caught at a later event. Teams should conduct a thorough inspection of their robot using the two-page Robot Inspection Checklist located in Section 9 of the Hot Shot! Game Manual.

- Practice, practice, practice. Simulate tournament conditions and proceed through all of the steps you will take preparing for and participating in a match. These practice matches should be performed with the computer you will use at the competition.

- Verify that the NXT sleep timer is set to “Never.” We have seen many NXT’s turn off while waiting to start a match. The NXT sleep timer is accessed with the NXT Settings icon.

- NXT should be named your four-digit team number, for example: 0123. Spare NXT’s can be named 0123-A, 0123-B, etc.

- Keep your NXT and TETRIX External Battery packs charged. A robot with a dead or low battery is a common reason for robot problems during a match.

- Don’t use unpowered USB hubs during a match.

- Don’t edit your ROBOTC or LabVIEW software while in the Queue or at the Playing Field. This is the time to establish the Bluetooth connection with your robot. Teams that are programming in the Queue or at the Playing Field will not receive extra time to establish their Bluetooth connection.

- Close ROBOTC and LabVIEW before starting the Field Control System (FCS). Running these programs along with the FCS causes Bluetooth connection problems.

- Prior to the start of each match, verify that the FCS countdown timer on your computer shows 30 seconds.

- Recommended spare parts list:
--- Disposable or individually chargeable batteries for the NXT to backup your primary NXT battery in the event there isn't sufficient time between matches to keep it charged.
--- 20 amp fuses for the external battery pack
--- Motors and Servos
--- Motor and Servo Controllers
--- Notebook computer with FTC software installed (ROBOTC, FCS, etc.)
--- NXT

2. Robot Match Procedure

The robot match procedure will be the same as used at qualifying tournaments.

- The drive team for each match is required to wear buttons. The team check-in packet will contain two buttons for student "drivers" and one button for the adult or student "coach" for the drive team. Drive team members wearing buttons are the only team representatives allowed inside the roped off area surrounding the playing fields.

- Monitor match progress on the playing fields. Match times are estimates; we will progress through matches as quickly as we can. If we are ahead of schedule we will not wait for the scheduled start time. We will start as soon as the teams and robots are ready.

- In the Pit Area: Establish the Bluetooth connection between your robot and team computer. Report to the queuing area on time, even if you are having technical problems and are not able to establish the Bluetooth connection. Technical help will be available in the queuing areas if teams are having trouble establishing Bluetooth connections.

- Queuing Area In Gym:
--- Arrive in the queuing area for your assigned playing field 5 minutes prior to the start of the match ahead of yours.
--- We are running two fields. Odd numbered matches are played on Field #1 and even numbered matches are played on Field #2. Therefore, if your team is participating in match #10, arrive in the queuing area in the gym five minutes before the start of match #8.
--- Queuing areas will have power strips for team use.
--- Pay attention to the action on your assigned playing field. Move to the alliance station at the playing field as soon as teams from the previous match clear the playing field. Delays in setting up will contribute to schedule delays.

- Playing Field:
--- Place the team computer on the table at the alliance station and use the power strip if needed.
--- Place the Logitech Controllers on the table until the end of the autonomous portion of the match.
--- Red Alliance robots are placed on the field first
--- Blue Alliance robots are placed on the field after the red alliance robots are on the field
--- Perform the following checks (as a minimum) each time your robot is placed on the playing field. 1. Pre-load balls; 2. Turn on the switch for the external battery; 3. Select and execute the autonomous program on the NXT.
--- Pay attention to instructions from the Referees and Game Announcer. Delays in responding to their instructions will contribute to schedule delays.
--- The drive team coach will operate the FCS.
--- The Game Announcer will start the autonomous and tele-op portions of the match with a countdown: 3-2-1 Go. The drive team coach will click-on the FCS start/resume match button on "Go."
--- Drivers may pick-up their Logitech Controllers at the end of the autonomous period.
--- Pay attention to the Referees and Game Announcer so that we can start the tele-op portion of the match without delay.
--- Soon after the match ends, two members of the drive team should gather up their equipment (computer, Logitech controllers, etc.) and leave the Alliance Station. One-person remains in the Alliance Station to remove the robot from the playing field after the referees finish scoring the match.
--- Remove wiffle balls from the robot and leave them on the playing field.
--- Return the alliance flag to the queuing area.

3. Qualification Matches 1 Through 4.

Teams participating in qualification matches 1 and 2 need to report to the playing fields by 9:50 a.m. to setup robots on the playing field prior to the start of the opening ceremony at 10:00 a.m. Members of the drive team will watch opening ceremonies from the sidelines near the playing fields. Teams will setup their Bluetooth connections while the Hot Shot! game animation is playing on the projection screen towards the end of the opening ceremony. The first match starts directly at the end of the Hot Shot! game animation.

Teams participating in matches 3 and 4 report to the queuing areas in the gym by 9:50 a.m. Teams will establish their Bluetooth connections at the end of the opening ceremony. These teams may watch the opening ceremonies from the stands.

4. Qualification Matches Immediately After Lunch

Teams participating in the first two matches after the lunch break need to report to the playing field at 12:50 so that we can start the match at 1:00 p.m.

Teams participating in the third and fourth matches after the lunch break need to report to the queuing area in the gym at 12:55 p.m.

5. Lunch

We are providing lunch for students, coaches and mentors based on the information teams provided in their registration form. Lunch tickets will be placed in the Team Information packet provided at check-in. Please turn-in extra lunch tickets to the information/check-in desk in the pit so that we will not be charged for unused meals.

Lunch will be served in a tent outside the USF Recreation Center.

Lunch is served between 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

The menu from Lupton's catering is as follows:

Lupton’s Slow Smoked BBQ Chicken
Lupton’s Slow Smoked Sliced Pork
Veggie Burgers Upon Request (Limited Item)
Homemade Baked Beans
Tossed Salad - Fresh Tossed Iceberg Lettuce with Carrots and Tomatoes with Homemade Ranch & Lite Vinaigrette Dressings
Assorted Dinner Rolls
Assorted Cookies (1 per person)
Lupton’s Fresh Brewed Non Sweetened Tea
Homemade Pink Lemonade

A limited number of meals for spectators will be available for purchase at the food service tent.

Other lunch options are:
- A Smoothie King is located inside the Recreation Center. Their hours of operation are Friday until 7:00 p.m. and Saturday from 11:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
- There are many restaurants on East Fowler Avenue near the USF campus.

6. Tournament Schedule

The tournament schedule is attached. Robotics competitions are complex to run, and there are many opportunities for slowdowns. While organizers make every effort to operate on a timely basis, by nature of the event, the schedule is a guide and not a guarantee. Please review the schedule in contained in the Team Information packet provided at check-in, it might be different that the attached schedule.

7. Detailed Team Schedule With Helpful Hints

Teams are assigned times for Judging, Robot Hardware Inspection, and Robot Software Inspection. Please arrive early for each of these activities. The tentative detailed team schedule is attached. The final schedule will be in the team information packet.

The following are a few helpful hints that will help your team have a more relaxed and successful competition day.

7(a) Team Check-in
Team check-in is in the Pit Area in Room 107. Check-in opens at 7:00 a.m. and closes at 8:00 a.m. Please arrive early. Teams are assigned times for Judging, Robot Hardware Inspection and Robot Software Inspection. These appointments start at 7:45 a.m. Teams missing their appointment times may not pass inspection prior to their first scheduled qualification match.

Teams turn-in their FIRST Consent and Release forms during check-in.

We will generate the qualifying match schedule shortly after 8:00 a.m. Saturday. Teams that have not signed-in by this time will be removed from the match list. If your team is having difficulty Saturday morning and will not arrive by 8:00 a.m. you must call me on my cell phone (407) 963-5900 so that your team will not be removed from the competition. Leave a voice mail message if I am not able to answer the call. The qualification match schedule will be distributed to teams in the Pit Area around 8:30 a.m.

Teams receive an information packet at check-in. Please review this packet thoroughly in the event that it contains last minute changes to the schedule, procedures, etc. The packet will include:

- Final tournament and team schedules
- Event program
- Lunch coupons
- Site plan
- Coach and Mentor pins
- Hot Shot! Commemorative pins
- Drive team buttons to be worn for all matches

7(b) Robot Inspection
- Robot Hardware Inspection is performed at 5 inspection stations in the Pit Area. Teams are assigned a time and inspection station number. Please arrive early for your appointment. Bring the following items to robot hardware inspection: robot, NXT (installed), external battery (installed) and the robot inspection checklist if your team started with robot software inspection. If your robot shoots, throws, etc. the game ball you will need to bring everything needed to demonstrate to the Inspector that the robot complies with maximum height and distance rule.

- Robot Software Inspection is performed on the playing fields in the gym. Teams will demonstrate that they are able to control their robot using their team computer running the FTC FCS. This is a combination software inspection and practice match. Bring the following items to robot software inspection: robot with the Bluetooth connection established with the team computer, team computer running the FTC FCS, Bluetooth Dongle, Logitech Dual Action Controllers, the entire three person drive team and the robot inspection checklist if your team started with robot hardware inspection.

- After passing hardware and software inspection take your robot and the completed inspection form to the Lead Robot Inspector in the Pit Area. You will receive a "Passed Inspection" sticker to place on the NXT.

7(c) Judging
Each team is assigned a 10-minute time slot for formal judging. All members of the team and their coaches should attend the judging session. Spectators and video cameras are not allowed in the judging rooms. Coaches are encouraged to attend, but they are not required to attend the judging session. Please keep in mind that this is the time for the students to show off their accomplishments to the judges. Coaches should be silent observers unless a judge addresses a question to the coach.

Bring your robot and engineering notebook to the judging session.

Teams should have a brief presentation to lead off the discussion and the remainder of the time will be spent answering questions from the judges. The judges will spend the remainder of the day visiting with teams in the pit area and watching robot matches in the gym.

It is extremely important that teams show up at least 5 minutes early for their scheduled time. Interviews will end 10 minutes after their scheduled start time. Teams arriving late for their interviews will not receive additional time. FTC events squeeze a lot of activities into one, very long, day. We can't afford to let the judging schedule slip; it will play havoc with the remainder of the day if we don't remain on schedule.

7(d) Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony starts at 10:00 a.m. and lasts approximately 20 minutes. Please encourage your team and spectators to attend the opening ceremony. Match #1 starts immediately at the conclusion of the closing ceremony.

7(e) Qualification Matches
Please arrive in the team queuing area in the gym on time. Detailed instructions for the qualification match procedure are contained in section 2 of this email. Each field has a dedicated queuing area with separate tables for the red and blue alliances. Power is available at the queuing tables.

Teams will receive their alliance flags in the queuing area.

Remember to recharge robot batteries after the last qualification match so that your batteries are ready in the event your team progresses to the elimination matches. The remainder of the day will move quickly. We recommend recharging your students and coaches by eating a healthy snack.

7(f) Judged Awards Ceremony
The Judged Awards Ceremony starts a few minutes after the completion of the last qualification match.

7(g) Alliance Selection for Elimination Matches
Alliance Selection starts immediately after the Judged Awards Ceremony. We will have 4 alliances consisting of three teams per alliance. Please read section 3.6.7 in the Hot Shot! game manual so that you understand how alliance selection and elimination matches are run. Bring your robot to Alliance Selection; each team will be represented by one student standing next to the team’s robot near the playing fields in the gym.

An Alliance Captain meeting will be held at Playing Field #1 immediately after the conclusion of Alliance Selection. The Drive Team Coach from each Alliance Captain team is required to attend this meeting.

7(h) Elimination Matches
We will start elimination matches 15 minutes after alliance selection. The number 1 & 4 alliances report to playing field #1 and alliances 2 & 3 report to playing field #2.

7(i) Hot Shot! Game Awards Ceremony
Trophies and medallions will be presented to the members of the Winning and Finalist alliances at the conclusion of the elimination matches.

8. Friday Evening

The venue opens to teams Friday evening from 6:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. for the following activities:

- Check-in
- Pit Area Setup
- Robot Hardware Inspection
- Robot Software Inspection

Please arrive after dinner Friday evening. The only food available at the venue is from the Smoothie King inside the USF Recreation Center. Smoothie King closes Friday evening at 7:00.

Teams may remove their robots from the venue Friday evening whether they have passed inspection or not.

Teams that pass robot inspection Friday evening will have a more relaxed time Saturday morning.

9. Security

Teams should never leave anything of value unattended at the FTC Florida Championship. For added protection, I recommend teams use security locks/cables to attach computers to a large object such as a table. Please label all robot batteries, battery chargers, Logitech controllers etc. with your team number. Turn-in lost and found items to the Information desk in the pit area.

10. Safety

Everyone is required to wear safety glasses in the pit area and around the Hot Shot! playing fields.

Power tools, soldering irons and glue shall not be used inside the USF Campus Recreation Center. Teams may use battery powered screwdrivers in the pit area so long as they are not used to drill or grind. FTC coaches, mentors and students are required to wear closed toed shoes.

11. Site Layout

We are using 4 rooms in the Campus Recreation Center. A site layout of these rooms is attached.

12. Pit Layout and Practice Field

FTC team 1902, Exploding Bacon, is providing the practice field. For the benefit of all teams, please be gentle with the practice field so that the game elements, field walls and foam mats are not damaged. The Hot Shot! practice field will be located in the Pit Area, Room 107.

Spectators are welcome to visit the pit area if they are wearing safety glasses. Teams need to provide safety glasses for their visitors.

The Pit site map showing team locations is attached. Affiliated teams are assigned to rows 1 and 2. The remaining teams are ordered numerically in rows 3 through 5.

13. FIRST Consent and Release Form

FTC coaches, mentors, and students attending the FTC Florida State Championship are required to complete the FIRST Consent Form. The team coach will turn in the consent forms at the team check-in/information desk at the competition. The consent form is attached.

14. USF Campus Map

The USF Campus Map is attached. The Recreation Center in the green shaded area diagonally behind the Sun Dome, next to parking lot #6.

15. Parking

The following parking details are not verified. You will receive an update if the following information changes.

Park in Lot #6. The parking fee is waived Friday after 3:00 p.m. and all day Saturday.

Enter the facility through the main entrance to the Recreation Center. The main entrance faces parking lot 22A.


Michael Coleman
FTC Affiliate Partner for Florida

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