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FTC Team Email Blast - Samantha Support Call - Best Practices for Events

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FTC Team Email Blast - Samantha Support Call - Best Practices for Events

Post by Admin on Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:21 am

(Sorry for the late posting, but the talk is archived for public review, and the rest of the information is timely)

Hello FTC Teams!

You are receiving this email because you have been identified as the main or alternate contact for a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Team. FTC staff sends an email blast weekly or bi-weekly during the competition season. These email blasts contain information that we believe will help your team to be successful.

Please share this information freely with your team and beyond.

Samantha Robot Communication Support
Event Best Practices – NEW –

Samantha Robot Communication Support

A reminder that our next Samantha Robot Communications Support Call
is scheduled for tonight:

· Thursday, November 18th, 2010 at 7pm Eastern

o This call is presented by John Toebes of Cisco. John is the developer of the Samantha Wireless Robot Communication System.

Call in to 1-866-951-1151, Conference Room 1066578

If you are not able to make it to one of the support calls, you can listen to a call recording, posted on the Team Resources Page at

You can find a complete list of Samantha Robot Communications Support Calls on the Team Resources Page at

Event Best Practices

In the first few weeks of qualifying events, we have noticed a few things that our most successful teams have in common. We’re sharing them with you here:

NXT and Samantha Module Placement
Make sure the NXT brick and Samantha module on your robot are
· Securely fastened to your robot
· Visible to the Field Tech Advisor
· Accessible to you
· Protected from hits from other robots

Tetrix Power Switch Placement
Make sure your power switch is
· Easily accessible to you
· Not in a place where another robot or field element can access it.

Cable Management
· Loose cables pose a risk for entanglement. Tie your cables down.
· Power cables that are not firmly attached could become dislodged during a match, causing a motor to fail, or worse, your communication with the field to fail.
· USB cables should be secured, but not so tightly that they create stress at the connection.
· Your Samantha module should be the first component to receive power in your design. If your Wi-Fi connection to the field is lost because your Samantha module is no longer receiving power, you won’t be able to drive your robot.
· Check the Team Resources section of the FTC Web site for more best practices.

Leave your Router at Home
Teams are not permitted to set up their own router at an FTC event. Please don’t bring your router.

Bluetooth at Events
If you are using Bluetooth to practice with your robot in the pit area please note that the Competition FCS will disable Bluetooth on your NXT brick at the start of your match. If you plan to use Bluetooth again after your match, you will need to re-enable it on your NXT Brick.

~Go Team!
FTC Support
Ken, JoAnn, Brian, Lorrie, Nancy

Support Links:

Game Questions

Samantha Questions

ROBOTC Support

LabVIEW Support

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