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FTC Team Email Blast *4* 09-30-09

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FTC Team Email Blast *4* 09-30-09

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:51 pm

This is team email blast number 4 for the 2009 FTC Season. You should expect to
receive weekly email blasts from us. The Team Email Blast is generally the way
we communicate information about the program to you. That information could
include competition specific news, software updates, trainings, or anything else
we think you might like to know. This email is intended for FTC teams and is
sent to the main and alternate contact listed in your team record.

1.IR Beacons now available! – The IR beacons are now available through
HiTechnic. Please follow the instructions below to order your beacon. There is
a limit of one beacon per team, and beacons are only available for sale to
current teams with paid registrations.

a. Go to HiTechnic Website at: and scroll
down to IR Beacon, $27.00. Click "view more" to order.

b.Enter your FTC Code:

1.Your code is your team number and the first name of the MAIN contact with no
space. EXAMPLE: 9999Name

2.Important: The team number must be 4 digits, therefore you must add zeros
before your team number if you have less than 4. EXAMPLE team 1 become 0001,
team 989 become 0989.

c. If you encounter an error message, please use the "Contact Us" Link on the
HiTechnic web page. Reasons for an error could be:

1.You have not yet paid your registration fee, and are not eligible to order.
You must pay the $275 registration fee to be eligible to purchase the beacon.

2. You have paid your registration fee but FIRST has not notified HiTechnic yet
that you are eligible. Please be patient, there may be a day's delay.

3.You are not using the right contact name. Please make sure you are using the
exact first name of the main contact. Example, Joe and Jo are two different
names. If you are certain you are using the correct name, use the "contact us"
link, and HiTechnic will check the list manually.

d.Remember, you are only allowed to purchase one beacon per team.

2. Change to the Game Manual – Please make sure to download the most current
version of the Game Manual. The current manual revision number is 4.

3.Common Questions – Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q: When does registration close?

A: Registration for FTC does not close, however, a team must be registered and
their registration must be paid before a team can order a competition kit or
participate in a Qualifying or Championship Tournament.

Q: Is there an event near me?

A: Events are posted on the usfirst web:

Q: How do I find my Affiliate Partner?

A: Affiliate Partner contact information can be found here:

Q: Why can't I post to the Game Q&A Forum?

A: The forums can only be accessed by official registered FTC teams. Your
login and password are displayed in the TIMS registration system. Log in to the
registration system, click "edit" (to the right of your team number) and your
login and password will be displayed on the right hand side of the following

4.FTC Mentor Orientation - 101 – Join Sr. Mentor Kathie Kentfield and Affiliate
Partner Jill Wilker on October 14th at 7pm (eastern) to learn about being an
FTC Team Mentor. If you're new to the FTC program, or a veteran who wants to
learn how to be a more effective mentor, this is the call for you. To
participate, call in to 800 503 2899. The access code is 6663906. We have 150
phone lines available, and we will record the call and make it available on our
web site.

Go Team!

~FTC Support

FIRST TM (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)

Being a Gracious Professional involves respecting yourself, your team, other
teams, and everyone around you. It is a way of doing things with a competitive
spirit, without making anyone feel like a loser. Gracious Professionalism is a
way of interacting with other people respectfully, doing excellent work, and
promoting teamwork and appreciation of others.

Join date : 2009-04-06

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