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Alternative Source for some FTC Items

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Alternative Source for some FTC Items

Post by grajalese1902 on Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:58 pm


Here are a couple of alternatives sources for FTC items

Multi-Nut Pliers

Most local hobby stores will sell the servo, however, I've found that
it is usually the gears that strip or break. Here is a source for the gears:
Servo Gear Replacement

If you are brave enough to fix the encode cables...
Here are the Digikey parts that I believe will work for the encoder cables:
Micro Molex connector

Micro Connector Terminal Female pins

4 Pin Connector Housing

at the bottom right, make sure you read the current encoder label, and
select the same options. At the bottom of the selection box, the part
number will match what is on the FTC encoder.

Encoder Cable
You can order these with various lengths. I ordered the 2ft version.

I ordered a crimper from
The Deluxe crimper will crimp both female connectors for the Micro Molex Connector,
and the 4 Pin Connector Housing. You can order servo wire pins for the 4 Pin
Connector Housing, and various size connector housing (we use them a lot for FRC).
I ordered a Deluxe RC Connector Kit, it has saved us many times.

McMaster-Carr has several Hex Keys, the Comfort Grip items have long shafts and make it
easy to get into tighter spaces.
Part Number Description
8358A26 Nonmagnetic Hollow-shaft Inch Nutdriver, Standard, 11/32" Size, 3-1/4" Shaft Depth
5497A21 Comfort Grip Ball Driver, Long Length, 1/16" Hex, 3-13/16" Blade Length
5497A38 Comfort Grip Ball Driver, Long Length, 7/64" Hex, 5-7/8" Blade Length
5497A68 Comfort Grip Ball Driver, Long Length, 5/64" Hex, 4-5/16" Blade Length
5497A69 Comfort Grip Ball Driver, Long Length, 3/32" Hex, 4-13/16" Blade Length
71285A153 High-torque Hex L-key, 7/64" Hex, 4-3/4" Length
71285A149 High-torque Hex L-key, 1/16" Hex, 3-1/2" Length
71285A151 High-torque Hex L-key, 5/64" Hex, 4" Length
71285A152 High-torque Hex L-key, 3/32" Hex, 4-7/16" Length

Hope this helps...

Eric Grajales
Team 1902 Exploding Bacon


Join date : 2009-09-21

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